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Product Overview

  • Ideal choice for small and medium enterprises with capacity on demand
  • Capacity of to 320 GB - On-Demand Upgradeable to 320 GB*
  • Transfer rates of up to 86 GB/Hr*
  • SCSI-3 Ultra 160 or Hot-Plug/Hot-Swap FiWi 800 and USB 2.0 connectivity
  • Scalable: X Tapes offer three tape capacities (80/160/320 GB compressed) allowing you to only pay for the capacity you need
  • Disaster tested: VXA Packet technology offers the most reliable restore in tape TM
  • Award Winning, Disaster Tested VXA Packet Technology

The VXA-320 Packet Tape Drive, raises the bar for the level of protection and performance customers can expect for their investment. Built around the award-winning, disaster-tested packet technology, VXA-320 packet tape drives are the ideal choice for small and medium enterprises- offering up to 24MB/s* and 160/320GB (native/compressed) of data on a single tape.

Don't need 320 GB of capacity? Like all previous generations of VXA, VXA-320 drives allow you to select the tape capacity that best suits your needs with three different tape capacities and corresponding prices. In addition to the 160GB/320 GB (X23 Packet Tape Cartridge), VXA-320 can also use the 86/172GB (X10 tape) and the 40/80GB (X6 tape) to minimize total cost of ownership.

Over three successive generations, VXA products have been disaster-tested by Tandberg Data and independent labs under the most severe conditions


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