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HP StorageWorks SDLT 600 - A7520B

Part Number: A7520B


This drive is for HP customers who use Corporate-to-Enterprise servers and require superior performance and greater capacity than the SDLT 320 offers. The HP StorageWorks SDLT 600 GB Tape Drive extends the advantages of an SDLT-based data protection solution by increasing capacity and performance by almost double. Total costs of ownership are lowered by reducing the number of data cartridges required and by shrinking the backup window for business-critical data. In addition, backward-read compatibility to existing DLT VS and SDLT-based solutions provides the highest level of investment protection while offering a smooth transition path to SDLT based data protection solutions. The SDLT 600 offers backward-read compatibility to the DLT VS 160 and to the SDLT 320 and SDLT 220. The HP SDLT 600 offers write once read many (WORM) support and will use the HP Super DLTtape II 600GB data cartridge. This media uses eMP60 technology with a thinner magnetic layer and smaller magnetic particle in order to offer the increased capacity and enhanced strength and stability.